Wednesday, 18 November 2009

OCS 2007 & Event Log 61013

Today I was installing an OCS 2007 Standard Edition server and had to use a certificate from a 3rd party Certificate Authority. The certificate came with an intermediate certificate that was duly imported into the Intermediate Certificate Authorities store on the OCS server. The certificate wizard was used to import the server certificate and all OCS services then started just fine. In fact, a two-way IM conversation was performed and all looked well.

However, I noticed that a 3-way IM conversation failed, as did the validation wizard, as did the LiveMeeting console. There were many events logged into the event log that had an event ID of 61013 and contained text such as:

"The process DataMCUSvc(7580) failed to send health notifications to the MCU factory at https://{FQDN}:444/LiveServer/MCUFactory"

The problem had "3rd party CA issue" written all over it and so this was the focus of the investigation. As it turned out, the fix was relatively simple when known. The 3rd party Certificate Authority actually had a different intermediate certificate which was required for use when using either Exchange 2007 or OCS 2007. Once this was obtained from their website, imported and the old intermediate certificate removed, the problems disappeared.

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