Wednesday, 5 August 2009

MSExchangeFBPublish 8207 Error

I had an interesting error last week that had me pondering for a while. Basically the error was this:

EventID: 8207
Source: MSExchangeFBPublish
Level: Error
Description: Error updating public folder with free/busy information on virtual machine {servername}. The error number is 0x80004005.

Now, there are a ton of Internet posts on this particular error. The thing that was different for me is that this error was occuring approximately every 100 minutes on an Exchange 2007 server that only had a mailbox database on it. In other words, there was no public folder database on this server even though the server name was referenced in the event log description and the error referred to the free/busy public folder.

To cut a long description short, this Exchange 2007 server was installed into an existing Exchange 2003 environment. Public folders were present in Exchange 2003. Dedicated Exchange 2007 public folder servers were also installed and the public folders had been replicated from the Exchange 2003 servers to the dedicated Exchange 2007 public folder servers. The mailbox server that was reporting this error was used solely to house mailboxes for journaling/archiving software and these mailboxes had not been logged into by the archiving software. So, why on earth would a mailbox server be reporting this error relating to free/busy public folders?

To cut a long solution short, the journal mailboxes were moved to another server temporarily and the mailbox database deleted. The mailbox database was then re-created and the journal mailboxes moved back. The problem went away.

Summary : something strange must have happened when the original mailbox database was created. Not the technical solution that some would want, but hey, it fixed it nonetheless!

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