Thursday, 20 November 2008

RedGate Exchange Server Archiver

I had an email from Michael at Red Gate Software a couple of days ago informing me that their new Exchange archiving product (Exchange Server Archiver) is now available for beta testing. As I've been busy for the last couple of days, I'd not managed to write about this but here goes.

Yes there are many archiving products already out there but the following statements from the beta page may best serve to inform you as to the "why?" for this particular product:

"Exchange Server Archiver is a cost-effective alternative to adding additional Exchange servers, archive storage is cheaper than primary storage, and no additional expensive database servers are required. Exchange Server Archiver is fully scalable and works out-of-the-box - it is easy to install, configure, and maintain. Nothing is installed on your Exchange Server, letting you keep mission-critical systems running without interference."

If you are interested in having a look at the beta version you can find the necessary information here.

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