Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Exchange BPA Rule Update Problem

I was reading a few online forums this morning when I came across a thread that talked about an issue that had been raised by the Exchange Best Practices Analyzer. To cut a long story short, the text of the error read as follows:

Test-SystemHealth : The value for the Extensible Storage Engine (ESE) transaction log file size has changed on server {server}. This configuration is not supported. Current log file size is 5120 KB. Default log file size is 1024 KB.

Our own Exchange 2007 system reported this error overnight. Manually running the Test-SystemHealth cmdlet produced the same result. Clearly with a pure Exchange 2007 environment I knew that our log files were still being generated as 1024KB.

It has since been confirmed that this is a known problem with the ExBPA rule update and is being looked into at the moment. No administrative action is required.

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