Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Transport Log Search Service on a Standby Cluster

On a recent project a disaster recovery site was configured with a single-node standby cluster. This standby cluster was configured as the SCR target, the source being a CCR environment at the production data center. I noted the following event log entry that was logged on a regular basis on the standby cluster node:

Source: MSExchangeTransportLogSearch
Category: General
EventID: 7005
Description: Exchange couldn’t read the configuration from the Active Directory directory service because of error: Microsoft.Exchange.Common.ExClusTransientException...etc

The error goes on to reference ExCluster.GetActiveCMSOnNode. Clearly there is no Clustered Mailbox Server (CMS) on the single passive node of a standby cluster so this event log can be safely ignored. Of course, if you want to stop the noise being generated in the event log you should disable the transport log search service on this node. However, do remember to re-enable this service in a site resilience scenario.

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Billybob said...

I've set up a single node cluster with the passive mailbox role installed but unlike the error message you were getting, none of the Exchange services will start (Log Search, Replication etc.) They all seem to time out. This is a problem because I can't set up this box as an SCR target until at least the replication service starts. Any ideas?