Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Exchange Toolbox Command Line Parameters

I found out something useful yesterday relating to the toolbox that you find in the Exchange Management Console. Have you ever wondered how the Exchange Troubleshooting tool (ExTRA) goes straight into Message Tracking mode if you select Message Tracking from the toolbox options? Or how ExTRA goes straight into the Mail Flow Troubleshooter if you select that option?

On your Exchange 2007 server, bring up the registry editor and navigate to:


Under this key you will see various other keys for the toolbox options, such as the key called ExTRA-MsgTrack for the Message Tracking tool. Within this key you will see two string values called Command and CommandParameters. The Command string shows you that the ExTRA.exe program is launched and the CommandParameters string shows you the parameters that are used, such as -AS -PS LaunchMessageTracking.

So now you know that selecting the Message Tracking option from the Toolbox runs:

ExTRA.exe -AS -PS LaunchMessageTracking

The picture below shows this example.

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